Sicap USSD Menu Browser

USSD Menu browser in Short

Sicap USSD Menu Browser (UMB) enables subscribers to choose the service they require, from prepaid credit checks and top-ups to subscription options and information services such as weather reports, finance, as well as the ability to contact subscribers in a short time through the USSD channel.

USSD is the ultimate low-cost, high reach advertising channel. This Sicap solution allows operators to monetise free space within messages, and intelligently filters ads in order to offer advertisers a very effective and controlled way of reaching their target audience groups.


The Sicap UMB interface is the optimum platform designed to streamline and monetise the disparate USSD service architecture. This channel will accelerate the return on investment (ROI) in the platform and transform even free, self-care messages into lucrative services.

Benefits of Our UMB Solution

Benefits For Our Operators
Benefits For Subscribers

Sicap USSD Menu Browser
Main Use Cases

  • Mobile Banking

    Mobile Banking

    Check your account, money transfer, and pay bills

  • Self Care

    Self Care

    Balance information, recharge, configure voice mailbox, and tariff plans

  • Infotainment


    Sport, weather, horoscopes, news, and stocks updates

  • Promotions and Campaigns

    Promotions and Campaigns

    Network initiated, personalized campaigns and interactive promotions

  • Additional Services

    Additional Services

    USSD-based prepaid roaming, Pay4Me (collect calls), Credit Transfer, Voting Services, Vending Machine Payments

  • Shopping


    Users can purchase: Ringtones, Music files, Games, Applications, News content, and Promotions information


Pay4Me - Collect Call

A Pay4Me call is connected when the called party accepts the charges in response to an announcement or via a pre-set friends list.

Multi-tenant UMB

UMB separates tenants, customer care and administration users who connect on the platform, in isolation from others.

HTML Menu Browser

HTML Menu Browser makes UMB content accessible from any internet browser, on any mobile device. 

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