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See Customer Care Chatbot Demo at MWC 2019!

Chatbots are becoming the preferred platform to deal with customer care interaction in many industries. It’s no surprise why – via a simple user interface, they can easily deliver answers and solutions to many customer enquiries in a natural, conversational fashion any time of the day.

According to the analyst firm Gartner, chatbots will be integrated across 25 per cent of all customer service and support operations by 2020. Several companies have reported significant benefits after deploying automated customer care: 70% reduction in call, chat and email enquiries, increased customer satisfaction, 33% saving compared to voice engagement, among many others.

Sicap Demonstrates Customer Care Chatbot at MWC 2019!

Sicap will demonstrate the Smartphone Self-care Chatbot solution at the 2019 Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. The Demo shows how you can help your customers to solve smartphone configuration problems efficiently and automatically, without needing the assistance of a call center agent.

The Chatbot solution is easy to customize to match the call driver profile at your customer service centers. It is built using a robust, commercially available chatbot engine and Sicap’s Online Smartphone Support solution, which provides high-quality help content for hundreds of problems tailored for thousands of mobile device models.

So, the ready-made solution components speed up the chatbot deployment. The high-quality help content increases the self-care service quality, and eventually reduces the need for live-agent handovers!

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Build Your own Chatbot to Transform Telecom Customer Service

Customers rate telecom customer service poorly on feedback forms and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). This is no surprise for those who know how extremely complex the interplay of mobile devices and global wireless networks are. Customer support call centers are unfortunately where technological complexity thrives. Service agents have the impossible task of fixing all service or device problems thrown their way, all done remotely via a mere phone call!