Sicap Equipment Identity Register

Equipment Identity Register In Short

Sicap’s Equipment Identity Register (EIR) is a fully standard compliant mobile network element enabling mobile service providers to protect their subscribers and networks from malfunctioning, fraudulent and stolen mobile devices.

Benefits for You

Protect Revenue and Brand

Protect Revenue and Brand

Avoid network malfunctions and security breaches
Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

Reduce the value of stolen devices

Key Features and Advantages

  • EIR (Equipment Identity Register)
    EIR (Equipment Identity Register) is a standard telecom network element that admits or blocks a device to attach to the mobile network with a main purpose to prevent use of stolen mobile devices. When a mobile device tries to attach to a network, an automatic request is sent to the EIR with the IMEI, which based on the IMEI code either accepts or rejects the device attach.
  • Configurable White, Black and Grey Listing
    EIR hosts the status list for IMEI codes, which can be either Black-listed, White-listed or Grey-listed. A Grey-listed IMEI code can be processed as a black-listed or grey-listed device, depending on how configured by the operator.
  • Central-EIR Integration
    Central-EIR (C-EIR) is an international, centralized repository of IMEI statuses which operators are able to access to get black-listed IMEI lists from other operators. Sicap EIR provides interfaces to the C-EIR systems.
  • Interface for Remote Access
    EIR provides a SOAP API to manage remotely the White, Grey and Black lists.

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Several mobile service providers around the world use Sicap Equipment Identity Registry solutions.

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