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While the workforce becomes more and more mobile and the BYOD concept a norm in companies worldwide, security threat grows and a need for enabling corporate security and usage policies centrally on employees’ devices becomes crucial. For MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs this means a growing revenue opportunity.

Enterprise Mobility Management in Short

Sicap’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) cloud solution provides MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs a risk-free opportunity to generate enterprise service revenues. Sicap’s mobile optimized EMM solution offers all the most essential enterprise mobility management features:

Mobile Device and  Application Management

Mobile Device and
Application Management

Central management for device, connectivity, application, OS and security
Remote Device Access

Remote Device Access

Remote support for device troubleshooting, configuration and application installations
Group and Policy Management

Group and Policy

Centralized device policy management: Applications, security, settings and location
Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Analyze employees’ device, voice and data usage and expenses.

Benefits for You

Speed-up Revenue Take Up

Speed-up Revenue Take Up

Grow revenues through the lucrative enterprise mobility management business
Improve Customer Welcome Experience

Improve Customer Welcome Experience

Risk-free business opportunity thanks to fast and cost-efficient cloud deployment model

Key Features and Advantages

  • Configure devices with corporate policies
    Centralized device configuration with the corporate policies enabling employees with a secure company network access.
  • Provide employees with right applications
    Share the relevant applications centrally to the right employees. Includes black-listing and white-listing of applications.
  • Centralized content and information distribution
    Share documents and broadcast information to employees individually or by groups, departments and services.
  • Secure and protected platform access
    EMM guarantees a secured enrollment process through corporate authentication and single sign-on.
  • Manage Employees’ Expenses
    Integrate with billing for monitoring service usage and raise notification upon improper behavior.
  • Secure Devices
    Secure company data by remotely locking and wiping stolen devices. More secure device identification by MSISDN, IMEI and the employee name.
  • Analytics
    Create and analyze personalized real-time reports. Instant reports query data warehouse in real-time.

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