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Since the beginning of the cellular era SIM card has played a central role in the mobile business by authenticating and securing subscribers and services. In the future, the role of SIM will be larger than ever when mobile businesses expand into the Internet of Things, LTE, mobile payments and authentication and more advanced roaming solutions emerge.

SIM Management in Short

Sicap provides MNOS, MVNOs and MVNEs a SIM card vendor-independent SIM management solution enabling a flexible and cost-efficient SIM Management without vendor lock-in. Sicap solution enables management of SIM cards, Multi-SIM, eSIM and EUICC components making your SIM life-cycle more cost-efficient, secure and profitable. Sicap’s SIM Management is packed with unique features through which several mobile service providers have reduced their roaming costs and boosted roaming service revenues.

Key Features and Advantages

Grow Revenue through Value Added Services

Live Balance
Display real-time prepaid balance on the phone home screen at all times.

Enable M2M and IoT
Enable your M2M and IoT businesses through eSIM and EUICC management.

Mobile PIN
Make every phone the secure ID for your customers and generate new revenue.

NFC Management
Enable your mobile payment business through NFC management.

Save Costs in SIM Management

One solution for all technologies
Sicap SIM Management supports GSM, CDMA, LTE, BIP/HTTP, Multi-SIM, eSIM and eUICC.

Remote Application and File Management
Future-proof roadmap for the GSM, 3GPP, ETSI and industry JavaCard/Global Platform standards.

Fast Cloud Delivery
Track record of 2 months from agreement to commercial launch!

Increase Roaming Profits

Dynamic Roaming
Optimize roaming network partner selection in real-time for maximum profitability.

Optimized cross-border signaling
Optimize roaming signaling traffic and slash down roaming costs.

Provides your subscribers lower rates when roaming and drives more mobile service usage abroad.

Grow Revenue through Sales Channels

Point of Sales Integration
Configure SIMs at any Point of Sales and increase sales and service options for customers.

Higher SIM Logistics Efficiency

Dynamic SIM Allocation
Provision SIMs with a temporary profile until when actually taken into use and save in your SIM logistic costs.

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Our SIM management Customers

Several mobile service providers across the world use Sicap SIM Management solution to boost roaming efficiency and profitability.

Sicap Safer

€30 million annual roaming cost saving through Sicap Dynamic Roaming

A large European operator gained cost savings of €30 million by using Dynamic Roaming to steer roamers to optimal partner networks in real-time.

€360K revenue gain and improved customer satisfaction through Sicap’s Live Balance

Operator with 10 million subscribers increased prepaid revenue through Live Balance, which displays real-time credit balance on the phone home screen.
Sicap Safer

10X ROI in 2 years from Sicap Dynamic SIM Allocation through savings in SIM logistics

European operator with 50 million subscribers omitted several SIM stocks through temporary SIM profile and late card provisioning.

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