Sicap Device Management Centre

Device Entitlement Server in Short

Sicap’s World leading Device Management Centre (DMC) is trusted by more than 70 MNOs, MVNO and MVNEs in 40 countries. It combines fully automatic device detection, device configuration and management functionalities including always up-to-date device characteristics database and device base analytics and segmentation tools.

Sicap’s DMC automatically detects new devices on your network and configures them with the correct network settings in real-time. Additionally, DMC provides white-labeled web tool and mobile application for end-users for device self-configuration. Call centre agents are provided a web tool through they can quickly and efficiently remote-configure end-users’ devices.

Additionally, the analytics tool on DMC provides a full and real-time break-down view and segmentation of the device base on a network. 

Benefits for You

Speed-up Revenue Take Up

Mobile devices automatically configured for your network enabling immediate service consumption

Improve Customer Welcome Experience

Provide a hassle-free onboarding for new subscribers

Increase Call-centre Efficiency

Reduce call resolution time, speed-up care experience and save operational costs through proper remote troubleshooting and configuration tools

Device Management Centre

Up to date device base knowledge

Make better business decisions and sharpen your marketing by an up-to-date 360-degree understanding of your device base including their capabilities.

Sicap Device Management Centre
Key Features And Advantages​

  • Automatic Device Detection

    Automatic Device Detection

    The Automatic Device Detection (ADD) function performs device detection based on triplet and biplet (MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI) information,

  • Automatic Device Configuration

    Automatic Device Configuration

    After ADD detected a new device, SIM or MSISDN, DMC automatically triggers device configuration using the most optimal device setup method, such as standard OMA CP over-the-air configuration, iOS Configuration Message or Manual SMS Setup Guide.

  • Self-care Device Configuration

    Self-care Device Configuration

    DMC provides custom-branded (white-label) web tool and smartphone application for end-users for quick and easy device self-configuration.

  • Customer-care Device Configuration

    Customer-care Device Configuration

    Call centre agents are provided a web tool through which they can quickly and efficiently trigger device setup to remote-configure end-users’ devices.


OMA CP Over-the-Air

For all device supporting OMA CP standard Sicap DMC performs an over-the-air configuration

Apple iOS Configuration

For Apple iOS devices a URL-link to an online auto-configuration tool is delivered over SMS

Manual Setup Guide

For all devices which do not support over-the-air setup DMC delivers Manual Setup Guide over SMS which helps the device owner in device self-configuration


Sicap DMC provides settings for all commonly used mobile technologies, protocols, applications and standards in the market: APN, Mobile Data, LTE, Voice over LTE, Rich Communications Suite (RCS), MMS, Streaming, WLAN, EAP SIM, etc.

  • Always up-to-Date Device Database

    Always up-to-Date Device Database

    Sicap’s Device Resource Database (DRB) provides detection and device characteristics data with 100% market coverage and accuracy. Sicap’s continuous Handset Update Process makes sure the Device Resource Database is updated on a weekly basis with all the latest device data and that newly launched devices can be safely offered to subscribers.

  • Real-time Device Analytics

    Real-time Device Analytics

    The DMC Business Intelligence reporting tool provides detailed real-time reports on the device base attached to the network. Detailed device analytics divided into segments based on device characteristics enables MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs to make better business decisions, more relevant offering and sharpen their marketing and promotion. In addition to several off-the-shelf reports, own custom reports can be created.

  • Virtual Multi-tenant Platform

    Virtual Multi-tenant Platform

    Sicap DMC solution can be virtually split into several instances each performing a device management process with different parameters. The multi-brand virtual platform enables MNOs and MVNEs save costs with several sub-brand or MVNO specific instances.

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Sicap DMC is the World’s most deployed device management solution. More than 70 MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs in 40 countries use Sicap DMC.

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