Tunisie Telecom Is The First to Use Sicap’s TargetMe To Triple Service Adoption

Tunisie Telecom now has real-time customer insights and automated customer engagement for faster 4G adoption and customised value-added service offers after implementing Sicap’s TargetMe Contextual Customer Engagement Solution

Press release in French

BAAR, Switzerland – Tunisie Telecom, the Tunisian wireless telecommunications service provider is now deploying Sicap’s TargetMe Contextual Customer Engagement Solution to grow its 4G network and value-added service revenues, and reduce customer-care call centre costs.

Tunisie Telecom is the first company to realise that driving the adoption of faster and more advanced mobile services, enhances the customer experience with a real-time understanding of the customer context, in terms of their mobile device capabilities, subscription type and other parameters.

Determined to make the most out of 4G revenue opportunities, Tunisie Telecom replaced the previous Bulk Campaign Management 1.0 tool with the new Sicap TargetMe product. The solution enables mobile operators to capture data from various sources, such as network elements, customer and location databases, to visualise and segment a customer base in real-time. The same data can be used for real-time system provisioning actions and personalised customer engagement campaigns, which are performed automatically whenever a subscriber belonging to a certain customer segment is detected in the network.

Once TargetMe is integrated to the chosen data sources, it allows the operator a real-time insight view into its customer base, and to quickly create new automated customer engagement processes through a simple builder tool.

Tunisie Telecom started using TargetMe for real-time promotional customer engagement campaigns, which enabled the operator to speed up the adoption of new services, and consequently increase revenue.

Each day, Tunisie Telecom runs an average of 30 customer engagement campaigns, which trigger a total of five million compelling service offers daily to their customers.

The operator has also used TargetMe to boost its 4G service adoption. Each time a subscriber with a 4G capable handset is detected, the TargetMe solution automatically instructs the mediation system to activate the 4G service for that subscriber and without asking subscriber to change his 4G SIM card. According to Belhassine-Cherif, “By enabling automatic, context-based 4G service activation, we can achieve a faster service adoption and reduce customer care issues. This will definitely bring us higher 4G revenue and reduce care costs!”

For Tunisie Telecom, TargetMe can be used to improve customer satisfaction. Before a subscriber’s service is activated, TargetMe automatically checks whether the customer’s handset or subscription type actually supports the service. “By avoiding the activation of services, which the customer is not able to use, we have been able to reduce unnecessary customer care issues”, adds Belhassine-Cherif.

Sicap CEO, Markus Doetsch concludes, “Legacy marketing solutions require a complex, costly integration and much support. After the huge investment, it often turns out more than 70% of the purchased features are not even being used by the operators! Tunisie Telecom and nine other customers have proven that context-aware customer engagement automation as provided by TargetMe, is a modern, more agile and effective way for MNOs and MVNOs to grow sales. Thanks to a cloud-based deployment model, after just two months, TargetMe is up and running and matches any budget.”

For further information, contact Sicap’s TargetMe product manager Hervé Masi at herve.masi@sicap.com or Abdeltif Bensaddik at abdeltif.bensaddik@sicap.com

Issued by: Sicap Schweiz AG (Head Office)
Contact: Magnus Moller Petersen
Email: magnus.mollerpetersen@sicap.com
Web: www.sicap.com and https://www.tunisietelecom.tn/

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