Telecom Self-Care and Chatbot Services Enabled with Sicap’s New Device Knowledge Solutions

Telecom customer service is constantly on the lookout for the optimal mix of cost vs. customer experience. Customers nowadays prefer to self-care because of the convenience, consistency and speed. For operators, this means higher retention and lower costs. Up to now, building self-care has required operators to have up-to-date device intelligence data and help content, intuitive user-interfaces, chatbot engines and now Artificial Intelligence. With Sicap’s new Device Knowledge solution line – operators will have access to reliable data and content needed for self-care, chatbots and AI-powered customer services.

BAAR, Switzerland, 21 Aug 2018: Sicap Schweiz AG, the global mobile device management vendor today launched its Device Knowledge solution line for operators to enable easy self-care. The Device Knowledge portfolio has a solution: Device Intelligence Data

This new solution portfolio provides operators a plug-and-play white-label smartphone self-care portal and accurate and up-to-date mobile device characteristics data. The solutions can also be used as building blocks for custom-made self-care Chatbot services and for various AI-driven processes.

Over the past years, telecom operators have been pushing their customers to use self-care services, instead of contacting the support centers, which uses a lot of time, including that of the call center agents. Against all odds, self-care services have proven to be a win-win scenario in telecommunications: Today’s customers prefer self-care because of the convenience, consistency and speed. The more that customers use self-care, the more that operators save on operational costs.

However, the requirements for more advanced services such as self-care Chatbots and AI-driven customer handling processes are growing rapidly. These technologies demand for an access to up-to-date device intelligence data, high-quality help content, which adapts to various handset models, and intuitive online user-interfaces. This makes the implementation often time-consuming and costly. This is where Sicap’s new solutions step up to the plate.

When in use, Sicap Online Smartphone Support solution is branded and seamlessly integrated as an embedded self-care tool on an operator’s or MVNO’s website. Here it provides end-users interactive guides on how to use and setup devices, to solve common problems, and gives detailed device capability information.
This visual help content is available for all standard mobile device models, and the library is continuously updated by Sicap. Users can simply choose their device model, select the needed help content and follow instructions on the screen. They can also share them to another device, or with another user via email or social media.

Sicap’s Device Intelligence Data now provides operators and MVNOs accurate and up-to-date mobile device profile data – with up to 600 data points per device to feed their automated customer service processes and self-care chatbots with reliable and up-to-date data.

“For mobile service providers, self-care service is crucial because of its potential to provide customers better care experience at reduced costs,” says Magnus Moller-Petersen, EVP Sales and Marketing at Sicap. “Digitalization of telecom customer service is happening fast and the industry will soon see extremely advanced, adaptive and automated customer service solutions.” He concludes, “Sicap’s new Device Knowledge solution line provides the digital customer care services reliable and up-to-date data and content, which saves operators and MVNOs deployment time and costs.”

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