Introducing Sicap’s Evolved Solution Portfolio

Over the past 20 years Sicap has grown from a small Swisscom spin-off into the global telecommunication solution provider you know today, serving more than 80 customers in 76 countries. Our success and growth is rooted in our cellular know-how, technical innovation and solid product development, which has resulted in robust telecom grade solutions.

To keep on our growth track for the next 20 years, we are evolving our technology stack and product portfolio. Our goal is to continue solving customer challenges in the future!

How Sicap Evolved Its Solution Portfolio

We have systematically developed the most essential parts of our original technology stack while upgrading with the latest telecom and Internet technologies and real-time big data analytics.

Our solution portfolio now helps mobile service providers in four areas: customer insight and engagement, device and SIM management, IoT service enablement and mobile security. Additionally the key strategic technology enablers such as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) are included in the offering.

Customer Insight and Engagement

A common key challenge which mobile service providers share globally, is slow adoption and revenue ramp-up of new services. This results in slow investment payback time and ROI.

Sicap’s TargetMe Customer Insight and Engagement solution, in use by 10 service providers, helps operators and MVNOs to speed-up service adoption and sales efficiency through targeted, personalized customer engagement messages and automated service activation, which are delivered to subscribers automatically at relevant moments.

Tunisie Telecom, for example has tripled the adoption of its 4G service rapidly by using Sicap’s TargetMe for targeted promotion and automated 4G service activation.

Device and SIM Management

The SIM card has played a central role in mobile services since the advent of mobile phones. In future, the role of SIM and device management will be larger than ever as mobile businesses expand into the Internet of Things, LTE, mobile payments and authentication etc.

Sicap’s SIM card vendor-independent SIM management solution gives mobile service providers a flexible and cost-efficient way for SIM card, Multi-SIM, eSIM and EUICC management without a vendor lock-in. The solution is packed with unique features through which several mobile service providers have boosted roaming service profitability.

Sicap’s market leading mobile Device Management Centre combines automatic device detection, configuration and management capabilities and includes an up-to-date device characteristics database. Sicap’s Enterprise Mobility Management solution provides operators a risk-free opportunity to generate enterprise service revenues.

IoT Service Enablement 

According to research, the number of devices, sensors and actuators connected to the IoT (Internet of Things), will reach over 46 billion in 2021, which is an increase of 200% from 2016. Operators and MVNOs will be uniquely positioned on the IoT value chain, either on a regional or global level, which makes IoT a vast revenue opportunity for them.

Sicap’s IoT Service Enablement solution enables mobile operators, MVNOs and MVNEs to become the preferred IoT service providers for enterprises and verticals in their own markets, unlocking their IoT business growth, without large investments.

Mobile Security

The trusted reputation of mobile services and operators is becoming an increasingly important value to protect, due to the growing frequency of cyber-attacks, IT security and privacy breaches. Tougher regulations and a growing awareness of security issues will increase operators’ security costs in future.

Sicap offers two solutions to help operators and MVNOs to solve their Mobile Security needs.

Sicap’s Safer enables operators to conform to the most demanding international homeland security regulations through security optimized real-time data analytics.

Sicap’s Equipment Identity Register (EIR) enables operators to protect their subscribers and networks from malfunctioning, fraudulent and stolen devices.

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Markus Doetsch

CEO, Sicap