MagtiCom Selects Sicap’s Device Management Solution to Accelerate LTE Growth in Georgia

Richard Choi CEO SicapGeorgia’s telecom leader, MagtiCom selects Sicap’s next-generation Device Management Centre to replace its existing platform. The Sicap-hosted Cloud solution automates mobile device configuration, provides online self-care and improves customer care services for the operator’s more than three million subscribers.

Best Smartwatch Strategy for Mobile Operators – Here is a Three-Point Approach

Smartphones are so last season – the way forward is smartwatches and other wearables. These are touted to be the next consumer obsession and are estimated to create a global $40-billion business by 2020. Mobile service providers will get a 25% slice of these revenues, but need the right business model, value chain positioning and technology enablers to do this. Olivier Engel, EVP Research and Development at Sicap, explains what you need for this winning strategy.

Build Your own Chatbot to Transform Telecom Customer Service

Customers rate telecom customer service poorly on feedback forms and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). This is no surprise for those who know how extremely complex the interplay of mobile devices and global wireless networks are. Customer support call centers are unfortunately where technological complexity thrives. Service agents have the impossible task of fixing all service or device problems thrown their way, all done remotely via a mere phone call!