Sicap in Brief

Sicap is a global telecommunication solution provider enabling Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to deliver an all-encompassing customer experience to make the mobile world more profitable, manageable and secure.

Founded 20 years ago as a Swisscom spin-off, Sicap now works with 80 mobile operators and MVNOs in 76 countries . Its international team is located in nine locations to ensure excellent customer service worldwide.

Today Sicap is owned by Volaris Group Inc., which is a part to Constellation Software Inc., a global multi-billion dollar company based in Canada and listed at the Toronto stock exchange. 

Sicap solutions are built on its superior expertise on mobile device intelligence, SIM and device management, big data analytics. The solutions are grouped into four areas: Device and SIM Management, Customer Insight and Engagement, Device Knowledge and Mobile Security.

All Sicap’s solutions are available through Cloud delivery model to give customers a quick deployment time, minimized upfront investment and low operational costs. Alternatively, the solutions can be delivered as on-premise deployments or Virtual Network Functions (VNF).

Founded as a Swisscom Spin-off

In 1997 a small team of ingenious Swiss engineers from a leading telecommunications service provider, Swisscom, invented the World’s first SIM-based solution for prepaid billing. Despite that their solution was simple and turned out as an efficient revenue generator, network based prepaid billing technologies soon took over the entire market and the team was forced to stop the development of the SIM-based prepaid solution.

Instead of quitting, the entrepreneur-minded team decided to re-focus the mobile network know-how they had gained into SIM over-the-air management, device management and USSD solutions. This brave decision eventually paved their way into the international telecom markets. Sicap was founded!

Sicap Today

Today, Sicap is a profitable and growing business headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. It has a strong global presence and an impressive list of customers featuring more than 80 mobile service providers and virtual operators in 76 countries. In January 2018, Sicap was acquired by Volaris Group Inc., which is a part to Constellation Software Inc., a global multi-billion dollar company based in Canada and listed at the Toronto stock exchange.


Sicap have systematically continued developing the most essential parts of its original technology stack while complementing it with the latest telecom and internet technologies and real-time big data analytics.


Its solution portfolio has evolved to help mobile service providers globally in four areas: Customer insight and engagement, device and SIM management, mobile device knowledge and mobile security.


Sicap’s international team is in nine locations to ensure excellent service to every customer. Sales and customer delivery teams are based in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Abidjan, Moscow, Johannesburg, Delhi and Bucharest. Product management and development specialists are located in Lyon, Zug in Switzerland, Moscow and Kolkata in India.


Several world-class brands such as Huawei and Oberthur Technologies are Sicap’s long-term strategic partners.

Sicap’s 2021 Vision

4G and Cheap Smartphones the Telecom Growth Drivers

The 4G rollouts in Africa, Latin-America and the APAC will continue strongly for years to come. The 4G coverage expansions, proliferation of cheap smartphones and change in user habits will double the amount of broadband enabled smartphones by 2021.

Sicap with its TargetMe Customer Insight and Engagement solution will play a central role in this value chain by accelerating operators’ 4G payback time and ROI through faster service adoption and more efficient sales and marketing.

The Dominance of Mobile Working

International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasted that by 2020, more than 70% of the US workforce will work from a mobile location. Together with the rapid global growth of mobile working and the Bring Your Own Device model grows also IT security concerns. Central corporate mobile security and device management become crucial, which means a vast future revenue opportunity for mobile service providers.

In Sicap’s vision its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution is positioned to enable mobile service providers to tap into this risk-free enterprise cloud revenue opportunity.

Growing Security and Privacy Concerns

In the coming years, the trusted reputation of mobile services becomes operators an increasingly important value to protect due to the growing frequency of cyber-attacks and IT security and privacy breaches. The intensifying global migration and general insecurity impose more homeland security requirements on mobile service providers. The regulations and the growing awareness of security issues increase operators’ costs in the future.

Through its Mobile Security offering Sicap wants to enable operators to cost-efficiently conform to even the most demanding homeland security requirements and public security expectations.

46 Billion Connected Devices

According to Juniper Research the number of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices, sensors and actuators will reach over 46 billion in 2021, an increase of 200% from 2016. In the future operators are uniquely positioned on the IoT value chain, either on a regional or global level, which makes IoT a vast revenue opportunity for them. Sicap’s role in the IoT value chain is to enable mobile operators, MVNOs and MVNEs to become the preferred IoT service providers for enterprises and verticals in their own markets, unlocking their IoT business growth without large investments.  

Ever More Important SIM

Since the beginning of the cellular era SIM card has played a central role in the mobile business. In the future, the role of SIM will be larger than ever when mobile businesses expand into the Internet of Things, 4G/LTE, mobile payments and authentication and more advanced roaming solutions. More SIMs which are more advanced are shipped every year in the near future.

Sicap as the world’s only SIM card vendor-independent SIM management solution vendor partners with service providers to provide them cost-efficient management of all SIM types with features boosting roaming profits.

Group Management Team

  • Tony Garcia

    Tony Garcia, Chief Executive Officer

    Tony Garcia has over 25 Year’s experience in the Telecommunications industry, specifically in the development, deployment and commercialisation of mission critical OSS/BSS products to key Tier 1 International customers. He has served as CEO, COO and CCO of both private and publicly listed companies.
  • Magnus Moller Petersen

    Magnus Moller Petersen, EVP Sales and Marketing

    Magnus joined Sicap in 2017 as EVP of Sales and Marketing and leads the sales and marketing teams. He brings more than 11 years of experience within the telecom sector to the role. Before joining Sicap Magnus led sales and marketing at Mobilethink and Tweakker, and brings a broad range of experience from his prior roles in delivering On-Premise and Cloud based solutions to service providers. Earlier in his career he worked as entrepreneur in his own start-up and as an independent and technical consultant.
  • Bernd Wieland

    Bernd Wieland, Chief Financial Officer

    Bernd Wieland is the Chief Financial Officer at Sicap. Bernd has 17 years of experience in various finance related roles in IT and consulting serving as a Senior Finance Director for EMEA. Bernd has also held the responsibility of Chief Financial Officer at a successful start-up business. Bernd joined Sicap in June 2018.
  • Eric Vidal

    Eric Vidal, EVP Business Development and Innovation

    Eric has been in the telecoms industry for more than 15 years. Prior to joining Sicap in 2008, he worked as a developer and architect for MDEO, Prosodie, Coface Services and OSIATIS (Econocom). At Sicap, Eric has been a framework project leader, an architect and is now the Head of Architecture to develop new leading innovation projects. He has two Masters Degrees in Computer Science from University Lyon and CERI – Avignon University in France.
  • Paul Selwold

    Paul Selwold, EVP Global Project Office

    Paul has more than 20 years of experience in product development and PMO organization. He joined Sicap in 2005 and successfully managed multinational and multicultural projects, from East Asia to Latin America and set up regional organisations in Abidjan and Singapore. Paul holds an MS degree in Information Systems from George Mason University in Virginia and is on the board of the Swiss Chapter of PMI.
  • Jan van Hemert

    Jan van Hemert, EVP Customer Operations

    Jan has more than 30 years experience in the telecoms field and is responsible for the integration, deployment and support of Sicap’s products. Prior to joining Sicap in 2003, he worked at Philips and Ericsson and was involved in the birth of USSD. At Sicap, Jan has worked as a technical consultant, a solution architect, a product manager and the head of Sicap’s global presales department. He became a co-owner in 2013. Jan graduated cum laude as a chartered engineer from the Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • Olivier Engel

    Olivier Engel, EVP Product Development

    Olivier has 14 years of experience in engineering, with more than 10 years within the telecoms industry. He previously worked for Unilog IT Services and Logica. Since joining Sicap in 2011, he has contributed to software design on several major products for Device Management. He is responsible of the delivery of high quality software. Olivier holds a degree of Information Technology Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

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