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    Customer Insight and Engagement
    Device and SIM Management
    IoT Service Enablement

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    Customer Insight and Engagement
    Device and SIM Management
    IoT Service Enablement
    Security Enablement

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Sicap offers MVNOs solutions for making networks and services more profitable, manageable and secure. Our market leading Cloud platform combines a managed service model and pay-as-you-grow pricing to ensure a fast delivery time and OPEX-friendly ownership. Sicap’s international team in 9 different locations successfully operates customer solutions in 76 countries at 120 sites worldwide.

Snapshot of Sicap Cloud Solutions

TargetMe - Customer Insight and Engagement

TargetMe - Customer Insight
and Engagement

The market leading Contextual Customer Engagement Solution TargetMe, now proven by 10 mobile service providers, enables you to promote, sell and activate services as an automated, context-aware and real-time process!
SIM Management


The World’s only SIM card vendor-independent management solution gives you a flexible and cost-efficient way for SIM card, Multi-SIM, eSIM and EUICC management.
IoT Service Enablement

IoT Service

Sicap’s IoT Service Enablement solution makes you the IoT provider of choice for enterprises, unlocking new revenues without large investments. Visit Sicap at the MVNOs World Congress and learn more!

Sicap Target Me

TargetMe, the most powerful context-aware customer engagement solution in the telecom market provides MVNOs faster service adoption and higher customer lifetime value. 

Learn how to reap the benefits of contextual customer engagement – Download our solution ebook now!

Sicap SIM Management

Sicap is the World’s only vendor providing a SIM card vendor independent SIM Management solution. For MVNOs that means a flexible, cost-efficient and risk-free way to manage SIM cards, eSIM and EUICC. Sicap SIM Management is packed with unique, value generating feature.

Sicap SIM Management 1
€30 million annual roaming cost saving through Sicap Dynamic Roaming functionality.

Large European operator
Sicap SIM Management 2
€360K prepaid revenue gain and improved customer satisfaction through Sicap’s Live Balance functionality.

Operator with 10 million subscribers
Sicap SIM Management 3
10X ROI in 2 years from Sicap Dynamic SIM Allocation through savings in SIM logistics.

European operator with 50M subs

All Sicap Solutions available as a Fast and Cost-efficient Cloud deployment and pay-as-you-grow pricing model!

Take a Step Towards a More Profitable, Manageable and Secure MVNO Business.

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